Physical Exams

Physical exams are often needed for school entrance requirements or insurance purposes. They are also useful for establishing a health baseline in order to create a wellness program for your individual needs.

Your comprehensive physical exam from internal medical doctor, Eugene Raber, will include a thorough history review and examination to ensure all your vital signs are within healthy boundaries, as well as address any specific issues you may be experiencing.

Some of the physical aspects that may be examined are:

Gender-specific portions of the exam may also be included such as a testicular exam for men or breast exam for women, depending on the purpose of exam. Additional laboratory tests may be ordered, including blood count and urinalysis (UA).

While annual physical exams may be required for schools, insurance companies, etc, they are also good to have annually regardless. A comprehensive physical exam from internist, Dr. Eugene Raber, may discover problems in their earliest stages that can be diagnosed and addressed before they become large problems.

If you are experiencing any unusual issues or have concerns about your health, do not wait until your next scheduled annual exam time. We concentrate on practicing preventative medicine to help prevent disease before it starts.

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